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Pamper yourself with style and colour.

Open Tuesday to Saturday. Some walk-ins available.

Best for your unique hair type

100% vegan products designed to enhance your hair’s natural beauty.

How We Give

Owner Sarah Jones-Lescene is active in our community and participates in fundraising and support events. She’s known as a winner of the Habitat for Humanity’s annual Gingerbread Showcase that raises money to build houses for low income families.

Photo Shoots

Does your business, event or project need a stylist? Sarah has worked on moving and still photo shoots for commercial and personal sessions. Call for details.


Since 2007, Sarah has worked with Wear2Start, an organization that outfits unemployed, low-income women with appropriate clothing and hair styling. This builds confidence and results in more hires from job interviews.

About Sarah

Returning to Her Roots in Estevan Village

A certified stylist, esthetician and makeup artist for more than 20 years, Sarah trained in Las Vegas, Mexico, the Caribbean and New York. She’s won trophies for her hair styling in BC competitions. 

Sarah apprenticed for two years with Anne Walsh at this same salon when it was called En Visage in 2005. An entrepreneurial path was in the cards for Sarah. She ran her own salon Love One Hair Studio in Saanich for 15 years before being reconnected to En Visage through Dawn Hembling. As soon as Sarah discovered the first salon she worked in was for sale she bought it! The renaming of the salon to Lark and Haire is a humorous nod to Sarah’s British ancestry.

Always classic and comfortable, Sarah is thrilled to be back in Estevan Village where her love for elegance in styling and colour first began.

About Madeline

A stylist for 30 years from Chicoutime, Quebec. It’s lovely to have the addition of a French-speaking stylist in the salon. While Madeline worked on her own during COVID she looked for a comfortable home base and found Lark and Haire. She is an exceptional hair cutter. Precision cutting is one of her finest attributes.